Institution Members

● Bryant University, USA
● Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History Peking University, China
● Chengdu Museum, China
● China National Silk Museum
● Collaborative Innovation Center for the Cooperation and Development of the Belt and Road of the Zhejiang University
● Community of Chinese Museums along the Silk Road, China
● Fashion • Art Design Institute of Donghua University, China
● ICOMOS International Conservation Center, Xi'an, China (IICC-X)
● Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
● Institute of Ancient History and Archaeology of the Northern Caucasus (Stavropol), Russia
● Institute of Archaeology of Xinjiang, China
● Institute of Archeology of Academy of Sciences, Republic of Uzbekistan
● International Academy of Indian Culture
● International Dunhuang Project (IDP), British Library
● International Dunhuang Project (IDP), British Library, UK
● Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA)
● Korea National University of Culture Heritage
● Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG)
● Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG), Germany
● McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, UK
● McDonald Institute, University of Cambridge
● Musée Des Tissus, France
● Nasledie llc. (Stavropol), Russia
● National Museum of Denmark
● Needham Research Institute (NRI)
● Needham Research Institute (NRI), UK
● Padova University, Italy
● Queen Silikit Textile Museum, Thailand
● State Hermitage Museum, Russia
● The Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Textile Research (CTR)
● The Swedish History Museum (Historiska Museet)
● Traditional Textile Arts Society of South East Asia - TTASSEA,Indonesia

Individual Member

● Dominique CARDON
● Helen Wang


The 3rd IASSRT symposium and the 4th IASSRT board meeting was held in Korea National University of Cultural Heritage


The symposium was hosted by IASSRT, organized by Korea National University of Cultural Heritage, China National Silk Museum (CNSM), and supported by the Korean National Intangible Heritage Center (KNIHC), National Museum of Korea (NMK), and Kyung-woon Museum.

The 2nd IASSRT Symposium concluded successfully in Lyon, France


The 2nd IASSRT Symposium “Dialogue with Silk between Europe and Asia: History, Technology and Art”held successfully from November 29 to December 4, 2017. More than 40 scholars and organization representatives from 12 countries attended the symposium.


4th IASSRT symposium


4th IASSRT symposium will be held in North Caucasus in Russia, more information will be updted.